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Tytuł projektu: Teorioinformacyjne wnioskowanie abdukcyjne dla rekomendacji kontekstowej
Tytuł projektu w j. angielskim: Information-theoretic abductive reasoning for context-based recommendation

Panele dyscyplin: Informatyka i technologie informacyjne: technologie i systemy informacyjne, informatyka, obliczenia naukowe, systemy inteligentne (ST6), w tym:

1) Systemy inteligentne (ST6_8)

2) Technologie i systemy informatyczne (ST6_6)

3) Teoretyczne podstawy informatyki, w tym informatyka kwantowa (ST6_7)



Reprogrammable Embedded Systems Team

na_strone_miniaturaThe laboratory, founded in 2005, conducts research focusing mainly on the domain of hardware implementation of image processing algorithms in FPGA circuits. We are actively exploring this field of research and have successfully completed projects involving nonlinear and linear image filtering, point and edge feature extraction, feature matching, optical flow and motion estimation.  We have also experimented with hardware implementation of spiking neurons with supervised learning capabilities. The designs are hardware-proven and allow high-speed image/information processing with a small footprint, low power architecture.
Our competences include also the design and implementation of embedded systems for control, measurement and monitoring.




UAV Team


The Institute of Control and Information Engineering has recently began research in the field of Unmanned Aerial Vehicles. The research team focuses on developing of robust aerial platform with good payload capabilities.








Biometric Recognition Team

ROIThe Institute of Control and Information Engineering has been actively conducting research in the
field of image processing and analysis for a long time. The research team focuses on developing of
image processing algorithms applications for biometrics, medical imaging, robotics and control.

The main fields of interest

• Detection and recognition of faces
• Statistical shape models to extract the shapes of faces and their parts
• Statistical classifiers in the context of the face recognition based on facial feature shape
• Biometric recognition based on the vein patters
• Liveness detection by tracking the pupils contractions
• Analysis of face surface in response to active lighting system



Mobile and Walking Robots Team

The group was established in 2007 at the Institute of Control and Information Engineering (ICIE) and is associated with the Mobile Robots Laboratory of ICIE.  at Poznan University of Technology.  It conducts research on mobile robots and is mainly focused on legged locomotion.



Biomedical Engineering and Biocybernetics Team

ludzik_2The group was established in 2003 in Institute of Control and Information Engineering (CIE) at Poznan University of Technology. It conducts research in field of Biomedical Engineering and Biocybernetics

The main fields of interest

• Physiological signals (EMG, MMG) processing
• EMG signal decompositio
• Functional Electrical stimulation (FES)
• Actuated exoskeletons of lower extremities
• Movement control for physically disabled with FES and actuated exoskeletons
• HMI control
• Evaluation of rehabilitation techniques for movement restoration


Logowanie pracowników


Strona jest własnością Politechniki Poznańskiej. W razie pytań, proszę o kontakt z:

Łukasz Matuszczak

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